Mentoring Matters!

Mentoring Matters!

Today’s youth lack “natural mentors” because of changes in our growing society. More children grow up in isolated communities or move from place to place with inconsistent caring adults to provide leadership and guidance. Many youth have single parents or two working parents who don’t provide the necessary tools needed for youth to become productive citizens in their communities. They find themselves alone with too much time to make negative decisions.

A Mentor, Role of a Mentor, Mentoring

Mentor: “Are screened and trained volunteers who provide support and challenge to mentees with whom they interact”.

Mentors: Are emotionally mature, committed to human development, prudent, responsible and adaptable.

Mentoring: “A relationship over a prolonged period of time between two or more people where an older, caring, more experienced individual provides help to the younger person as he/she goes through life.”

Role of a Mentor:

  • To develop a positive relationship with a mentee.
  • To help an individual develop competence with a network of support for the mentee
  • To be sensitive to a diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences
  • To communicate the mentor’s life experiences and insights to the mentee
  • To have fun working with the mentee while building a positive relationship

The D. L. Forbes Youth Foundation raises support and funds for the Youth in our Mentoring Program, who need financial assistance. We are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization and all donations are deductible. D.L. Forbes Youth Foundation is a volunteer organization, so your donation benefits the Youth Mentoring Programs.

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