Advanced Leadership Academy

DSC_1358The Advanced Leadership Academy is the core program of our organization. It is a (20) day overnight academy that focuses on youth ages (10-13). The five focus points in the program are: (1) The (6) Pillars of Making Ethical Decisions (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship); (2) The (14) Leadership Traits used by the Marine Corps ( integrity, knowledge, courage, decisiveness, dependability, initiative, tact, justice, enthusiasm, bearing, endurance, unselfishness, loyalty, and judgment); (3) The (11) Principles of Leadership; (4) Physical Training; and (5) Academic Enrichment.

Follow-up Program

The Advanced Leadership Academy follow-up program focuses on the (21) steps that lead to happiness. The follow-up program starts in August after successful completion of the Advanced Leadership Academy. Each cadet is assigned a mentor to aid them throughout the year.  Cadets and parents must commit to a minimum of (1) year for this program.

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  • Advanced Leadership Academy

    Length3 Weeks
    Age Group10-13
    ScheduleResidential Academy
    Military Uniform (separate cost)

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