Save My Children Campaign

During the last twelve years, the D.L. Forbes Youth Foundation (DLFYF) has continued to grow and reach deep in the community to assist youth from all backgrounds. The “Save My Children Campaign” (SMCC) is not an ordinary Campaign. These were the words spoken to our founder from God. A vision set forth to unite the community to teach and train our children to be productive citizens.


The goal of “SMCC” is to build an academy that will provide leadership skills for the privileged as well as the underprivileged. The academy will include recreation, academics and leadership activities for our youth. These activities will be conducted at the Academy and Satellite locations.


In 2012 A Violent Crime Occurred Every 26 Seconds

  1. One murder every 35.4 minutes
  2. One forcible rape every 6.2 minutes
  3. One robbery every 1.5 minutes
  4. One aggravated assault every 41.5 seconds


In 2012 Property Crime Occurred Every 3.5 seconds

  1. One burglary every 15.0 seconds
  2. One larceny-theft every 5.1 seconds
  3. One motor vehicle theft every 43.7 seconds


The total homicides committed in 2012 were 11,075.
The total rapes committed in 2012 were 18,098.
The total aggravated assaults committed in 2012 were 388,362.


Every penny counts toward helping a youth learn the value of life.

Through “SMCC”, our Leadership Training will teach each cadet Godly principles, Values and Morals. The Academy can be built with your financial support. By giving to this cause, we are doing what God has spoken, “SAVE MY CHILDREN”.

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